Minimalist Bathroom Design, Cheap!

Don't assume that small renovations don't take much time. Actually, the time needed for renovation does not only depend on the size of the renovated part. But it also includes what aspects need to be replaced and how much difficulty the contractor will face in renovating the house. The length of time for renovation is calculated from the planning process, ordering, purchasing materials, to the final work. Who doesn't want to have a cool, clean bathroom complete with bathroom vanities and make you feel at home for a long shower? You can visit

- Elegant Black Ash With Natural Lighting

The combination of bathroom tiles in gray and black colors produces a minimalist bathroom that looks elegant and luxurious. It can save a lot of monthly electricity costs. But, that doesn't mean you can't use lights.

- Minimalist Bathroom with Extra Storage

Want to have a spacious, minimalist bathroom but don't have a lot of space? This is a clever design inspiration. With white domination, this minimalist bathroom looks more spacious. Whereas furniture with wood material is applied with double functionality, that is wall storage and the place of the faucet that blends perfectly.

- Comfortable Japanese-style Oriental feel

Your minimalist bathroom doesn't need to look boring like an average minimalist bathroom design. An inspiring context from a custom bathtub that takes inspiration from Japanese-style baths. Enough with the addition of a minimalist chair, this minimalist bathroom is guaranteed to make you feel at home soaking for long.

- Unique Bathroom Design using Chair

Clean, neat, and still simple, this minimalist bathroom just needs a small space for a clean, empty atmosphere. Suitable for bathrooms with showers, this extra wooden chair is installed for a decorative effect with high functionality. Besides, the element of wood also adds a warm minimalist bathroom that is dominated by white ceramic.

- Take Advantages of the Ceramic Motifs

With hexagonal ceramics and regular ceramic alloys on the walls, this minimalist bathroom with bathtub looks smart, chic, retro style without having to install many other unnecessary decorations. The large selection of ceramic walls and bathroom floors on the market also means you can choose according to your budget. Also, the business of cleaning the bathroom is easy by routine mopping.

The final look of the bathroom will depend on various aspects such as paint color, selection of faucets, showers, tubs, cabinets, and other elements. Start by designing the placement of the elements. Do not forget to attach importance to the function of the elements to be installed.